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This is Holmak: Specialist for air-to-air heat exchangers

Staphorst, Netherlands: Holmak HeatX B.V.
Bitola, Macedonia: Holmak D.O.O.E.L.

Holmak offers plastic and aluminium heat exchangers with high efficiency and low pressure loss. They are used as key components in a broad range of ventilation systems.

Holmak was established in 2007 under a Dutch management as a production company for heat exchangers.

Research & Development as well as Design and Sales and part of the Production are based in Staphorst, The Netherlands.

The Holmak engineering team

Partner in production and development

We are constantly testing new materials and designs in an effort to provide our customers with an innovative range of products manufactured in accordance to supreme standards.

Applications of our heat exchangers

Residential and commercial buildings

We supply heat exchangers for ventilation systems in residential and commercial buildings with excellent performance rates for a wide range of air volumes. The special design of the Holmak heat exchangers ensures there is a sufficient air flow even at lowest flow rates.

Our plastic and aluminium heat exchangers

Key components in ventilation systems

Holmak heat exchangers provide high efficiencies in recovery of energy, both in heating and cooling at all air volumes.

Our plastic heat exchangers

Easy to maintain and class A hygiene

Thanks to high-grade PET material and the optimal drainage, Holmak heat exchangers are easy to maintain and guarantee a lenghty operating life as well as optimal hygiene according to class A hygiene standards.

Heat recovery in winter/ Cold recovery in summer

Our goal is always to achieve the highest efficiency rates in exchange of cooling or heating energy.


EUROVENT certified performance

All our plastic heat exchangers are automatically EUROVENT certified performance tested on energy efficiency and pressure drop.

They are in accordance to the European and US standard fire class and optionally to the B2 German standard fire class, too.

Our TST models

Our aluminium heat exchangers

Optimal drainage and sealless design

Thanks to the high-grade aluminium material, the optimal drainage and the sealless design, Holmak heat exchangers are easy to maintain, not sensitive to frost and heat, and guarantee a lengthy operating life as well as optimal hygiene.

Heat recovery in winter/ Cold recovery in summer

Our goal is always to achieve the highest efficiency in exchange of heating or cooling energy.


The production of our plastic heat exchangers

Supreme standards

Holmak offers supreme ISO 9001/ ISO 14001 certified manufacturing standards.

We supply heat exchangers with a Personal Touch

Our heat exchangers are available over a flexible range and can be made to your requirements.

Production of our aluminium heat exchangers

Our production

State-of-the-art machinery and technologies, along with an experienced workforce, guarantee high product quality.

Our logistics

Short lead times

Thanks to high quality production and highly flexible logistics delivery times of less than 3 weeks ex works can be guaranteed.

We are researchers – We are developers

Constantly improving products and expertise

We work with the most modern computer simulation software in order to continuously optimize the air flow and thermodynamics of our heat exchanger designs.

In testing new concepts, we are able to constantly improve both our products and our own level of expertise. We have strong connections with technical universities specialized on air flow dynamics. We can also call on the assistance of a pool of experts from the CENTROTEC Group.

Company News

Press Releases

Holmak HeatX acquires production assets of heat exchanger specialist Klingenburg

Staphorst, 06 May, 2019 - Holmak HeatX B.V., Staphorst, The Netherlands, has acquired the production assets for the manufacturing of counterflow heat exchangers from Klingenburg GmbH with registered office in Gladbeck, Germany.

Holmak signed a long term contract with Itho Daalderop B.V. at the ISH 2017

Staphorst, 17 March 2017 – Itho Daalderop B.V. is a new major customer of the Dutch company Holmak HeatX. The Dutch ventilation expert wants to purchase a significant amount of air-to-air heat exchangers from Holmak.

The Entire Product Portfolio of Counterflow Heat Exchangers at the ISH 2017

Staphorst, 28 February, 2017 – The Dutch company Holmak HeatX presents a substantially extended range of highly efficient counterflow heat exchangers for ventilation in commercial and residential properties at ISH 2017 in Frankfurt on the Main.

Holmak produces plastic heat exchangers with three foot prints from now on

Staphorst, November 30, 2016 – The Dutch company Holmak produces from now on the plastic heat exchangers with three different foot prints.

New at Holmak: Plastic Counterflow Heat Exchangers with Efficiency Rates up to 95 %

Staphorst, November 03, 2016 – For central ventilation systems the Dutch company Holmak HeatX now offers also heat exchangers made of plastic

Tube Heat Exchanger by Holmak: energy-efficient and ultra-compact

Staphorst, November 27, 2015 – The new plastic heat exchanger TSC 18 for decentral home ventilation is a true space saver and also highly energy-efficient due to its sophisticated design.

ISH 2015: Holmak presents Ultra Compact Tube Heat Exchanger

ISH 2015: Holmak presents Ultra Compact Tube Heat Exchanger Staphorst, March 10, 2015 – At the ISH 2015 in Frankfurt/Main, the Dutch company Holmak is celebrating a premiere: The ultra-compact

Our certified calculation software

All you need to do is enter your variables,

such as air volume, to obtain the right product type for lowest pressure loss and maximum efficiency. Download our EUROVENT certified calculation software to get the appropriate product type of our Aluminium TS/ TSK or our Plastic TST series.


Press Release



Holmak HeatX B.V.

The Netherlands:
Wethouder Wassebaliestraat 8, 7951 SN Staphorst

Industriska ulica b.b., 7000 Bitola

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Mark Lammers

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Holmak HeatX B.V. privacy statement

We take your privacy seriously

Holmak HeatX B.V. ('Holmak') takes your privacy seriously. We consider the protection of your personal data during processing to be extremely important. That is why we have drawn up a privacy statement covering all personal data that Holmak collects about you during all possible contacts with us or one of our partners, both offline and online.

This privacy statement provides answers to questions about the protection of your personal data. Is your question not listed? Do not hesitate to contact us at: privacy@holmak.nl. We will be happy to help you.

1) When does Holmak collect personal data about me?

There are various occasions on which Holmak collects personal data about you. For example:

  • the registration of your purchases
  • the delivery of services to you
  • communications with Holmak, both orally and in writing
  • times when you have access to the facilities or systems of Holmak
  • trade fairs, events or campaigns
  • voluntary participation in tests or surveys
  • the use of digital products/services and/or apps from Holmak (such as data usage or location data)
  • a visit to our website, where cookies are stored on your computer or mobile device
  • the collection of personal data because you are a customer of one of our partners.

Would you prefer us not to use your personal data if you have not supplied it yourself? You can let us know by sending an email to: privacy@holmak.nl

2) What personal data does Holmak collect about me?

Holmak processes personal data that you yourself have provided. These personal data are collected during your visit to our websites, offices, production hall or from other sources such as public corporate websites.

The personal data you have provided yourself are:

  • information that is necessary for the execution of an agreement concluded with you, for example a purchase/sales agreement
  • data entered on contact forms, both on paper and digitally
  • information provided during introductory meetings (business cards), events, seminars, etc.

When you visit our website, our servers store a number of things.
This is information such as:

  • your IP address
  • your cookie ID
  • your web browser
  • your location
  • the web pages you visit on our website
  • the ads you view
  • the website from which you visit our website
  • the date and duration of the visit to our website.

This web information is necessary for the technical transfer of the website and secure server operation. No personalised data analysis is performed on the information.

In addition, Holmak can also obtain your personal data from other sources such as:

  • personal data that are available if you are a customer of one of our group companies or partners
  • personal data obtained from the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce or other public registers
  • personal data available on public corporate websites or corporate Social Media platforms.

When the personal data are obtained from one of the sources above, these will only be processed if this is permitted by law and corresponds to the purpose for which this information was provided.

3) What are my personal data used for?

Holmak may ask you to share your personal data with us for the following purposes:

  • to execute an agreement such as delivering products and services
    If you request a quotation or enter into an agreement with us, your contact details will in any case be requested. Other personal data may also be necessary for the execution of the agreement, depending on the nature of the agreement. Furthermore, data can be used for invoicing the delivered products or services provided.
  • to maintain contact with you
    Your contact details are kept in our customer system and can be used for sending newsletters, updates, invitations to events, seminars and sending information that you have requested from us.
  • to answer questions or resolve complaints about products or services, and to provide information about their status
  • to improve our product and service information and to conduct targeted marketing campaigns
    We wish to provide you with information that is relevant for you. To make this possible, we combine and analyse the personal data available to us. On that basis, we determine which information and channels are relevant and which moments are most suitable for providing information or contacting you. We do not process special categories of personal data for marketing campaigns. If we wish to create a personal, individual customer profile for you, we will ask for your consent in advance. You may always withdraw that consent later if you wish to do so.
  • to improve and secure our website
  • to produce user statistics 
    We collect user statistics for our website to establish a picture of, for example, the number of visitors, the length of the visit, which parts of the website are viewed and 'click behaviour'. These are generic reports that do not contain information about individuals. We use the information obtained to improve our website.
  • access control and company security
    If you visit our office and/or business premises, we will note your name, company name, registration number, and your arrival and departure times. Camera images are also made: on the outside of the office near the entrance (main entrance and car park), at the staff entrance, at the rear of the building and in the production hall near the punching machine. This is necessary to know who is in the building when there are emergencies and to ensure that unauthorised persons do not have access to the building. Camera images are, as a rule, destroyed after 10 days, unless there are good reasons to keep them for longer, for example for a police investigation.

In general, we process your personal data only for the purposes about which you have been informed. When we use your data for other (closely-related) purposes, additional data protection measures will be built in where they are required by law.

Information that you provide us by completing a contact form is stored securely on our servers and used by us exclusively for the processing of your request.

4) On which legal grounds does Holmak process my data?

We process your data:

  • either because we need it to enter into or execute the agreement with you
  • because we are legally obliged to do so
  • with your consent
  • or because we (or a third party) have a legitimate interest in doing so.

If we have requested your consent to process your personal data and you have given that consent, you are always entitled to withdraw it.
If we process personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest, we may not infringe your privacy disproportionately.
For example, we use your contact information to send newsletters and information material and to invite you to promotional activities and events. We do not process any special personal data from you in the course of these marketing campaigns.
If we want to create a personal, individual customer profile, we will ask for your consent in advance.

5) How long will my personal data be stored?

Holmak does not store your personal data longer than is strictly necessary for the purposes for which we have collected your data or in order to comply with legislation and regulations.
After the expiry of the storage period, the data that we no longer need will be deleted unless we are required to keep these data for longer for the purposes of legal procedures.

6) To what extent does Holmak share my personal information with others?

Holmak may share your personal data with service providers, business partners and other third parties. We always do this in accordance with the prevailing legislation.

We supply third parties with your personal data only if this is necessary for the execution of an agreement with you, or to comply with a legal obligation. We conclude a processor contract with organisations that process your data on our behalf in order to ensure the same level of security and confidentiality for your data. Holmak remains responsible for these processing operations.

7) Will my data also be transmitted outside the EEA (European Economic Area)?

It is sometimes necessary to transmit your personal data to parties located outside the European Economic Area (EEA), for example in connection with the execution of an agreement by our group companies established outside the EEA.
Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), personal data may be transmitted to parties outside the EEA only if an appropriate level of data protection is guaranteed or if a specific derogation applies.

8) What are automated decisions? Does Holmak make decisions of that kind?

Automated decisions are decisions about you that are made by computers, and not by people. Will a decision of this kind have legal consequences for you? Or may it affect you adversely? In that case, we may not take any automated decision about you.
We may take automated decisions only if we have entered into an agreement with you in that respect, if the law permits it, or if you give your consent. In these situations, you may always consult someone from Holmak and, in addition, you have the right to submit an objection. This can be done by sending an email to privacy@holmak.nl

Holmak does not make fully automated decisions that can have consequences for you or affect you adversely.

9) What are my rights?

At your request, we can send you an overview of your personal data as known to us. Any request for the inspection, correction, limitation or deletion of data can be submitted free of charge by sending an email to privacy@holmak.nl. Holmak has the right to refuse a request for inspection if it is unreasonable or if it jeopardises the privacy of others.

To prevent misuse, we ask you to accompany a written request for inspection with adequate identification. This can be done by sending a copy of a valid identity document. To prevent fraud, it is important to mask your BSN (where appropriate) and your passport photo on the copy.
The KopieID app is a useful tool for making a secure copy of your identity documents.

We will do our best to respond to your request as soon as possible but no later than four weeks after receipt. If, after you supply your personal data, it emerges that they are incorrect or that storing them conflicts with applicable legislation and regulations, we will correct your data, delete them or limit their processing.

10) How does Holmak respond to my wishes regarding my personal data?

In order to be of better service to you, it is important for Holmak to get to know you. But only if you wish us to do so because, of course, we respect your preferences regarding the use of your personal data.

If you no longer wish to receive emails from us, you can unsubscribe at any time in the relevant email. You can also state your specific wishes by sending a message to: privacy@holmak.nl

11) What happens to my data when I access other websites via a link?

When you visit our website, you will find links to other websites for your convenience and for information purposes. These websites may not be managed by Holmak and may have their own privacy statement. We advise you to read this privacy statement so that you understand how your personal data are used with respect to these websites. We are not responsible for the content, use and data protection policies of the websites that are not owned by Holmak and that we do not therefore manage.

12) How do we protect your personal data?

We acknowledge our responsibility for protecting the personal data that you entrust to us from loss, misuse or unauthorised access. Holmak uses various security technologies and organisational procedures to protect your personal data. For example, we have access management systems, and we use firewalls and secure servers. In addition, we encode certain types of data such as financial information and other sensitive data.

13) Who is responsible for the protection of your data?

Holmak HeatX B.V., with registered premises at Wethouder Wassebaliestraat 8 in Staphorst, is responsible for the processing of data as described in this privacy statement.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, please feel free to contact us. Send an email to privacy@holmak.nl and we will be happy to help you further.

In addition, if you have complaints about the processing of your personal data, we will be happy to help you and find a solution together. If we are unable to reach agreement, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority pursuant to data protection legislation.

14) What happens in the event of changes to my personal data, their use or changes in the regulations?

Developments are moving fast and things may change in the personal data that we ask you for and in how we use your personal data. Regulations can also change. In that case, we will amend this privacy statement accordingly. We therefore invite you to check the privacy statement regularly so that you are kept informed. We will also use our website to inform you about any major changes.

This privacy statement came into effect on 25 May 2018.




Using the counterflow principle to minimize energy losses
When separate and return airflows pass each other in opposite directions (counterflow principle), the warm air in one duct can heat up the cold air in the other duct by means of thin paralell, highly constructive plastic plates. The principle of course also works in reverse, for cooling down warm air. This energy transfer can be bridged with an optional bypass.

Our plastic plate heat exchangers

Type A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) X (mm)
TST 35 366 366 196.2 Flexible
200 to
700 mm
TST 25 458 230 145
TST 15 318 138 73.5

Our aluminium plate heat exchangers

Type A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) X (mm)
TS 25 454 230 134 800
TS 30 496 271 163 800
TS 35 537 312 193 800
TS 45 619 394 249 700
TS 62 758 533 347 700
TS 80 899 674 447 600
TS 95 1040 815 547 600
TS 110 1182 957 647 550
Type A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm)
TSK 62 1314 1089 700 740 770
TSK 80 1600 1376 600 940 973
TSK 95 1887 1662 600 1144 1174
TSK 110 2170 1945 550 1344 1374



Using the counterflow principle to minimize energy losses
When separate supply and return airflows pass each other in opposite directions (counterflow principle), the warm air in one duct can heat up the cold air in the other duct by means of thin, parallel, highly conductive aluminium plates. The principle of course also works in reverse, for cooling down warm air. This energy transfer can be bridged with an optional bypass.

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